Our Approach

At Bright Future, we have a warm, friendly and patient approach to the coaching process. We care very much about each individual child and we believe developing a good relationship between coach and coachee is essential for success.


We draw on a range of techniques including solution focussed coaching, Mindfulness, Nurture, person-centred counselling and positive psychology in order to provide tailor made support that is just right for each individual child.


our ultimate goal is to empower each child so they are able to independently use a toolkit of effective strategies as and when they need them in life, creating their very own bright future!

The Impact of our Approach

parents, teachers, school staff and, most importantly, our children, have been amazed at the impact their coaching has had! all individuals respond in their own unique way and Some changes are seen more quickly than others, but all have found it to be a positive, life-changing experience! 

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After coaching, children may share more of their challenges, successes and associated feelings with you. Initially you may find they keep these to themselves as they think through their sessions in their own time. but as they progress they will become more open and develop vocabulary and strategies which will enable them to share these more confidently.



children may become more openly emotional as they progress through sessions and learn more about their own feelings and actions. Alternatively they may become less emotional or slightly withdrawn as they process the content of their coaching. However, By the end of the process they will be more aware of their emotions and mindful of their triggers, managing these with far greater confidence.



As coaching sessions progress you will see the way children talk about themselves and to themselves becomes far more positive, forward thinking and proactive.



Very soon after sessions begin, you will notice children becoming more aware of their own choices, actions and planning. They will be able to communicate their thoughts and feelings more clearly and share their goals and plans with you. You will see positive decision making and increased independence.



As sessions progress children become more confident with a greater awareness of their strengths and talents. They will be able to overcome challenges with more ease and feel more confident in their own abilities.