Some Questions You Might Want to Ask!

Where do coaching sessions take place?

It's best to work with a child where they are most comfortable and have the peace and quiet they need to focus in on their activities. A familiar environment to the child works best, we often find a quiet space in school is most effective.

How Long Do Sessions Last?

Sessions last between 40 minutes and an hour depending on the activity and focus of coaching.

Do Parents Take Part?

at its heart coaching is a process of self-discovery and independent change. Usually the child works with their coach one-to-one or participates in a group session with their peers, rather than family members. However, we also offer parent and sibling sessions and find these are also valuable and highly effective.

How Often Do Children Meet With Their Coach?

We recommend children begin by meeting with their coach once a week for a course of 6 weeks. we would then evaluate our progress, and review the frequency of sessions, either continuing for a further 6 weeks,successfully concluding the process or reducing sessions gradually. 

Will They Have Homework?

Yes! But not in the traditional sense! For a child's coaching to truly have impact they should share and talk about their goals, working on their strategies at home as well as in sessions.

What Do They Do With Their Coach?

Coaching begins with talking and listening. Through a range of fun activities that tune into the child's likes and talents, a child will talk things over with their coach, visualising positive goals and putting together plans that describe how best to achieve them.

Children will take part in a variety of different activities best suited to their needs, including: confidence building activities, social skill games, art activities, as well as various different calming techniques, such as mindfulness, creative colouring, sculpting and logical games.

How long does the whole process take?

Coaching is goal focussed and unique to each child, for some children their process could take as little as 6 weeks, for others it might be worked through over the course of a year. Generally, we find most  children grow in confidence and independence and achieve their key goals within a 6 week programme.

How Can I Help My Child At Home?

Parents, carers and the wider family are a fantastic and vital support to children during the coaching process. The best way to help your child make the most of their coaching is to talk over their work in a relaxed and positive way. Listen to what they think and feel and offer plenty of reassurance and praise. 


Be open to the choices and steps your child may take and encourage them to engage with the strategies and activities on offer at home as well as in sessions.