Nurture PAckages

As well as using a nurturing approach in our coaching, we also offer bespoke nurture packages for parents, families and schools.


Michelle is a sector leading specialist and innovator in nurture provision with extensive experience in setting up nurture bases, training and developing specialist nurture staff for schools and mentoring parents and families in a nurturing approach. 


Nurture packages include learning programmes and activities in key areas of nurture such as: boosting confidence, building trust in relationships, positive listening and talking, Emotional Literacy, building friendships and developing social skills.

We support schools and families to develop and grow their nurturing approach to learning and relationships with children.

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What is Nurture?

At Bright Future we believe nurture is:

Feeling like you belong

 Being cared for

Feeling safe

Positive communication

Instilling confidence

Being listened to

building positive relationships

We believe we nurture children by:


Giving children quality time with an adult and each other

Caring for children

Developing their social skills

Creating a safe space

Building strong relationships

Lots of Listening and talking

Having fun together

Praising positive behaviour and choices

Nurture for schools

We can support your school to develop their nurture provision by:

*  Creating a bespoke plan for nurture provision and learning that meets the exact needs of your school

*  Training and coaching staff in specialist nurture techniques and strategies, creating a 'nurture team' for your school

*  Providing learning Programmes and activities to meet the nurture needs of your learners

*  Developing a referral and assessment process to track the needs of pupils and their progress in learning

*  Designing and developing a physical space in your school for nurture learning

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