" Every child is unique and gifted in their own right, their journey to their future has already begun. With nurture, education, support and belief they will achieve all they are capable of and more. Their future is bright!"

-michelle Mair, Founder 'Bright Future'

Michelle MAir, Founder of Bright Future
MA (hons), PGDE, Scottish Teacher of the year, Executive Certificate in Coaching, counselling scqf 6, Qualified Mindfulness Trainer (UK College of Mindfulness)

As a highly experienced and dedicated teacher, I spent many years working with children and families from all walks of life. I was passionate not just about academic education but also about developing true life skills - instilling confidence, self-belief, determination, pride and resilience. I found These are what children carry with them long after they leave the classroom - these are the skills that have the power to change their future.


This is where 'Bright Future' began.

I had an extensive and very rewarding career in education at both local authority and Scottish Government level, and was both honoured and humbled to receive the award for Scottish Teacher of the Year. I worked as a class teacher, Teacher mentor, and in various development roles creating new teaching materials, curricular guidelines and delivering staff training.

I also worked closely alongside families and support agencies to coach children through a range of changes, challenges and negative emotions and found this was my passion. I am now a fully qualified coach, nurture specialist and mindfulness trainer with many years of experience in both the education sector and private practice, which enables me to work in-depth with those youngsters and adults who need it most.


I'm delighted that'Bright Future'  now supports hundreds of children, adults, families and schools across Scotland and beyond!

​Life coaching is a tried, tested and incredibly successful method of self-discovery, motivation and life change for adults and children alike. Combining key coaching skills with both Mindfulness and nurture has proven to be a winning formula for our coachees.

 our coaching methods become a way of thinking and a way of life - with outstandingly positive results and feedback!

I am so proud of what we do and can't wait to see what lies ahead - but one thing is for certain, the future is bright!

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