Our Success Stories!

The children we work with at Bright Future are absolute superstars! We are so proud of all they have achieved ... and they're bursting to tell you all about it!

Here are some of their thoughts on coaching and mindfulness - we couldn't say it better ourselves!

What the children say about coaching:
What the children say about mindfulness:

‘I enjoy it because it helps me if I’m stressed or something happens.'


'it helps me feel relaxed and forget about things that have happened.'


'It’s good fun then you can focus on what you’re doing.’ 

‘It’s just basically a time that makes me sleepy and takes away my pain and stress.’

‘It makes you relaxed and not have any stress, like when you’re out at break time. I really like it!’

‘It’s really relaxing, I tell my mum and dad about it every day. I said they need to try it because it’s so fun so now it helps my dad too!'

‘I thought about things in my plan and made different decisions. I would have made a mess of things without it.’

‘I haven’t had any more ‘maths meltdowns’, I feel a lot more confident in maths now.’

‘I like having my goal and seeing how I make it happen’

'It just makes me feel calm and I know that everything's going to be ok.'

‘The plan helps me react differently even now. I’m thinking more of what I’m saying before I say it.’

‘My mum’s even noticed the difference – she says I’m playing with other people better.’

‘My sleep routine is good – I’m not grumpy in the morning any more and I can focus a lot more in school.’

‘I like meeting my coach, I sometimes keep things private but I can talk to her. It lets me say how I feel. I don’t do that with anyone else.’

'Coaching has shown me how to trust people.'

'Coaching has helped me with everything. Before i was a lot less confident and I found it hard to get on with people. I didn't have any friends but I have some now. I feel I can do everything and I can do it on my own two feet.'

And teachers like it too!

The teachers of our coachees are fantastic supports to the coaching process and superstars in their own right!

here are a few of their thoughts:

'My pupil's coaching was spot on, I saw a real significant change occur in her outlook, mindset and coping mechanisms. Excellent stuff that made a proper difference to a wee girl's life!'

'I like knowing my pupil is being supported and enabled to develop her emotional self-regulation, her resilience and her social skills.'

'It has helped my pupils look at some areas in life that concern them and were affecting their learning readiness as well as helping them with relationship issues with their peers.'